"Awakening" (2 tracks) - Released on 12.Jan.21

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A crossover between two musical genres (Classical and New Age), “awakening” and "alternative awakening" are about transformative experiences.

From the beginning, both tracks captivate their listeners with its soft piano beats and steadily takes them along on a wild journey of soft reflection and extreme intensity, culminating in both clarity and relief.

Originally composed for solo-piano, these two piece is the result of a lot of effort and attention to every little detail. I also chose to include strings and drums.

With their timeless, dreamy, vivid and energetic quality my aim is to leave my listeners with a lasting impression (https://fb.watch/2x_ipW52ao/).

Links for the music videos "awakening" & "alternative awakening":



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Website: http://www.pianosoul.com

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmFEBFiK-QkogpvuavfvgQA

Instagram: http://instagram.com/piano__soul

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Tiktok: http://tiktok.com/@piano__soul

Disclaimer: “piano soul” and Disney / PIXAR’s “Soul” (#pixarsoul) are not in any way connected. And they did not steal my piano keys, and also not the story of my life :D

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